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Retro Fit & Touch Panels Series

Retrofits are famous due to their convenience and less civil work with more Home automation. OOB’s Coral series is a type of Retrofit that comes with an easy and quick installation process.

We also offers Touch Panel products consisting of Pearl-series and Sapphire-series. These kinds of touch panels will help convert your old and ordinary house or commercial place into a technology-favoured place. Not only smart, but your place will also look attractive and elegantly luxurious.

Coral Series


“OOB Hub” is a universal IR remote that helps you replace your traditional remotes.

Oob Hub work as smart remote module in your office or home and gain autonomous control over devices like TV, Air Conditioners, Audio players, and other appliances. Just download the OOB Smarthome app on your phone or use voice apps like Google Home or Alexa and control your devices.

Oob Hub

Simple smart home recipes

Motion Entering
to the room
Music Turn on music
Schedule Schedule
TV Turn on TV
Schedule Schedule
Turn off Light Turn off Light

Manage your home appliance via app

A one-stop application by OOB for your smart home. Control the automation devices in just one click, comfortably and also need to get up from the couch. Manage the lights in every part of the house using your Android/iOS mobile phone app or ask Alexa or Siri - Virtual assistants, to perform the task.

Download App

"Turn off all the lights in the house."
"Dimm the lights in the bedroom to 30%."
"Turn on the lights in the garden."
Apple Siri Google Assistant Amazon Alexa

Smartify all your Home appliances

The Switches and Controls by OOB smart home that lets you turn on/off any electric appliances remotely are the perfect starts to make your home modernized. It could be beneficial in several ways from cutting the power off automatically in case of malfunction to a cost-effective way of saving electricity.

  • smart lighting switch
  • multimedia remote switch
  • Lighting remote switches
  • remote climate switch
  • multimedia double switch
  • AV double switch
  • Kitchen aids remote switch
  • Kitchen appliance remote control
  • remote switch for kitchen
  • remote double switch for home
  • home automation switch
  • Kitchen aids
  • Bathroom double switch
  • automated double switch
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