Sapphire Series Switches

Stunning Smart Switch

Forget the tick-tack of the traditional switches. Now it’s time to give your home a majestic look of touch switches, as it provides the interior of any room with an artistic and elegant look. So, upgrade your walls smart switches and turn your home into a smart home.

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Multi function Smart Switch

Our sleek glass panel design and an extremely smooth and precise circuit control on the wall. OOB Sapphire touch panels are a one-of-a-kind collection of smart switches, dimmers, and curtain controllers that will transform walls from boring to absolutely breathtaking. The Sapphire touch smart switches enable you to turn on/off any electrical device from anywhere in the world.

Touch Sensing

Voice Control

IR Remote

Remote access

Scene Mode

Single Cotrol /
Dual Control


Coral Switch Controllers require no electrical rewiring and connect directly to your Wi-Fi router.

Easy to install

Ergonomic design allows installation behind the switchboard keeping your existing switches operational.

Heat Humidity Shock-proof

Low voltage, child-friendly switches. Safe to touch even if the hands are moist.

Hands-Free Voice Control

Sapphire Switches are integrated with all the leading smart home platforms. The coral fit seamlessly into your home style and works seamlessly with thousands of other smart home accessories. The Sapphire Switches work with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa to enable voice control of your appliances and lights.

Live Control with Mobile App

Control your lights and home from anywhere using the OOB mobile app that allows you to fulfill daily tasks with great ease.

Scenes & Schedules

Create the perfect setting every time. Wake up with the sun or stay in bed on a lazy Sunday or create the perfect movie experience, etc. by scheduling either individual switch or a group of switches.

Smart Contol

Forgot to turn off your switches? Well, the mobile app allows you to control the switches from anywhere and at any time.

Sapphire Series features

Real Time Live Feed

You can even manage each outlet separately with your smartphone.

Capacitve Touch

Smooth tap on it would lead to turning on/off of the appliance associated with it.

Humfree Fan

Four steps hum free fan speed control.

Surge Protection

Upto 10kv surge protection.

Lighting & Dimming

Smooth and flicker free dimming (Leading edge) supporting upto 100W LED Loads.

Scenes & Scheduling

Scenario control, time scheduling and count down timer.

2 Way Switch

Input Channels for Mechanical 2-way / wired sensor connection.

High Voltage Protection

Wide Operating voltage range 90-230 Vac. Over Voltage cut-off above 230 Vac. With-standing voltage upto 300 Vac.

Energy Metering

High precision energy metering.

Voice Control & Apps

Supports voice control (Google home and Alexa compatible).

Download App

Download App

Sapphire Series

Technical specification

90V to 230V
50Hz – 60Hz
IR remote
Module size
As per standard
ABS or Acrylic or Toughen Glass
Sound indication
IR, RF, Wi-Fi
Load capacity
Resistive Load : 350 watt
Inductive Load : 150 watt
OOB Algorithm
Operation Temperature
-40 C to 110 C
Relative humidity
5 to 95 %
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