Coral Series Switches

Coral Series

Smart Retrofit Switches

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Coral Switches are retrofit devices that are installed behind your existing switchboards and make your ordinary switches into switches that are self-reporting, and controllable from your smartphone. Deploying them at your place’s current switchboards would mean that you are getting information related to any appliance that is operated by that particular switch, on your smartphone. Apart from getting information, you can even control and schedule them. Coral Retrofit Switches allows more than one user of the place where it is placed, to easily operate the switch.

Single Switch, Multiple Functions

You can control your appliances from anywhere, activate them from an application in your smartphone, and even schedule them on and off.

  • smart lighting switch
  • multimedia remote switch
  • Lighting remote switches
  • remote climate switch
  • multimedia double switch
  • AV double switch
  • Kitchen aids remote switch
  • Kitchen appliance remote control
  • remote switch for kitchen
  • remote double switch for home
  • home automation switch
  • Kitchen aids
  • Bathroom double switch
  • automated double switch


Coral Switch Controllers require no electrical rewiring and connect directly to your Wi-Fi router.

Easy to install

Ergonomic design allows installation behind the switchboard keeping your existing switches operational.

Compact Design

With a thickness of just 25mm, these powerful devices are engineered to have the maximum possible compatibility.


Technologically advanced control features

If you are physically near to the Coral Switches, control them via OOB IR remote. If you are not anywhere nearby the place where Coral Switches is fixed control them via your smartphone. And if you are at the place, but not physically nearby the Coral Switches, let your voice be the command for them to control the appliance!

IR Remote
Voice Assistance

Perfect Fit For Every Switch

Coral Retrofit Switches avails altering any of your switches into smart switches.

Your Voice is the Switch

Coral Switches are integrated with all the leading smart home platforms. The coral fit seamlessly into your home style and works seamlessly with thousands of other smart home accessories. The Coral Switches work with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa to enable voice control of your appliances and lights.

Hey, Siri

Hey Siri, set my "Good Night" scene.

Ok, Google

Ok Google, turn on the fan.


Alexa, Switch on living room lights.


The smart home app keeps you in contact with your home and lets you manage it from anywhere in the world.

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Coral Series features

Real Time Live Feed

You can even manage each outlet separately with your smartphone.

Modular in Size

Coral Series come in 1 node to 8 node configurations

Surge Protection

Upto 10kv surge protection.

Lighting & Dimming

Smooth and flicker free dimming (Leading edge) supporting upto 100W LED Loads.

Scenes & Scheduling

Scenario control, time scheduling and count down timer.

High Voltage Protection

Wide Operating voltage range 90-230 Vac. Over Voltage cut-off above 230 Vac. With-standing voltage upto 300 Vac.

Voice Control & Apps

Supports voice control (Google home and Alexa compatible).

Coral Series

Technical specification

90V to 230V
50Hz – 60Hz
Module size
As per standard
ABS or acrylic
IR, RF, Wi-Fi
Minimum broadband speed
Monthly data consumption
Less than 1 MB
Load capacity
Resistive Load : 350 watt
Inductive Load : 150 watt
OOB Algorithm
Operation Temperature
-40 C to 110 C
Relative humidity
5 to 95 %
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