Coral Series Switches

Coral Series is the Retrofit integration offered by OOB for traditional switchboards. It lets you Switch to Smart Home by keeping the integrity intact. Tiny smart device setup behind switchboard is easy and quick that requires no civil work or alterations in internal wirings.

Sapphire Series Switches

Sapphire series is a waterproof and fire retardant glass panel programmed with capacitive touch technology that will replace your existing switchboards and give you smart functionalities to operate from anywhere-anytime. Your ordinary and simple switchboards will turn extraordinary and smart in looks and operation.

Pearl Series Switches

Pearl series is only touched glass panel switches that can be installed at any wall of your place for controlling every appliance in its surrounding. Based on capacitive touch technology, a smooth tap on it would lead to turning on/off of the appliance associated with it. Its aesthetics are designed to match up the decorum of your place.

OOB Mini Hub

A single device that has controls for all your Remote Control appliances based on IR technology! This concept is not a dream. With OOB Mini Hub, it has become a reality. Compatible with Wi-fi, OOB Mini Hub can be accessed with iOs/Android smart app or voice controls hence assuring you a seamless service.

Curtain Controller

Convert the regular motorized curtains at your place into smart curtains with OOB Curtain Controller that could be managed from anywhere and at any time. The curtains can be operated by OOB iOS/android application, voice-controlled devices like Alexa as well as Physical/Touch Switches.

Gate Controller

Gate Controller offered by OOB lets you control your motorized gate via iOS/Android application, voice-controlled devices. The controller is connected in parallel to the existing wired remote controller of the gate which typically has three buttons for open, close, and stops functions.

Digital lock controller

OOB offer's smart controller for your digital door locks. A Digital door lock controller makes it easier to unlock your door conveniently from anywhere/anytime. Furthermore, every data of the open and close of the door is recorded and stored in the application.

Sprinkler Controller

Nature has to be fresh, but saving water is also essential. With the Oob sprinkler controller devices installed, there is no need to remember to ON the sprinklers and wait until completed to OFF the system. Users can easily set a timer to ON/OFF the sprinkler system from the application.

RGB Controller

Want to surround yourself according to your mood? The RGB LED Controller sets the theme according to your mood and festival. The integrated controller device has to be installed near your LED strips/lights and activated from the application or voice control. Later, the user can set or dim the lights according to the need.

Wireless switch

Using OOB Wireless Switches would mean that you’ve got yourself one more control of your place at your desk. Wi-fi compatible, once OOB Wireless Switches are paired with your place’s appliance, it permits you to click on it and turn on/off your device remotely fulfilling the two-way switches role.

Motion Sensor

Battery-powered and completely wireless, Motion Sensor detects movement of people. It can be used to alert an intrusion or for detection of unoccupancy in a room. Motion Sensor is powered by batteries and can be conveniently placed on any flat surface or hung on a wall.

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