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Manage Your Home with OOB Smarthome App

Explore the possibilities to maximize your smart home experience with power-packed features.

Key Features

OOB App Custom Scene

Custom Scene

Create a romantic atmosphere or party mood on a single click
OOB App Scheduling


Automatically control your appliances and have a tension-free schedule for it
OOB App Guest Lock

Guest Lock

Limit the access of appliances to the guests visiting your place
OOB App Child Lock

Child Lock

User can lock the physical access to their appliances like A.C, T.V. etc. in any state they wish
OOB App Live Notification

Live Notification

User can get instant notification when the status of any of their appliance changes
OOB App group


User can create group of devices and operate them with single command

One app to manage it all

Set up all smart devices within a simple and intuitive OOB Smarthome app. Use your smartphone, TV or refrigerator to manage connected smart devices at your home.

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OOB Smarthome App
OOB Smarthome mobile app

Home Control at your fingertips

Tiles with room preview

Explore the room preview within new tiles view. The app will save your selection and give you quick access to your favourite rooms. Have a quick and easy insight to each of your rooms within the entire house.

The selection of rooms under your fingertip.


Lighting Automation

Turn off the light in the room located at the other end of the house, turn on the light in the living room to simulate someone's presence during a longer trip. If you left the light on and you are already away, turn it off with one simple tap via the mobile app.

  • app-scheduling Scheduling
  • app-fan-speed-control Fan Speed Control
  • Smart Dimmer
  • app-child-lock Child Lock
  • app-live-notification Live Notification
  • app-custom-scene Custom Scene

Curtain Controller

Control the blinds in selected room or the entire house, single or multiple roller blinds at a time without getting up from the couch or while being out of the house.

  • app-scheduling Scheduling
  • app-blinds Open-Close-Stop
  • app-child-lock Child Lock

RGB Controller

OOB RGB Controller module is a retrofit home automation device that can control a RGB strip to enhance the ambiance of any place.

  • app-scheduling Scheduling
  • pre-defined-remote Pre-defined remote
  • app-custom-scene Custom Scene

IR Blaster

OOB IR Blaster module is a home automation device that gets connected directly to Wi-Fi and can do the work of each IR Remote.

  • app-scheduling Scheduling
  • pre-defined-remote Pre-defined remote
  • app-custom-scene Custom Scene

Multiple color themes

OOB App has two color themes - Light Blue i Dark Blue. Select the one you like the most or set automatic theme to use light themes during the day and dark mode during the night to let your eyes enjoy the app.


Secure login

Single login with the use of your ID enables you to use the smart home mobile app and manage all the devices running in the OOB environment. Connections between the smart home app and the smart home HUB including all the passwords are encrypted. Your privacy and data are sacured when entrusting your home to the OOB Smarthome System.


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