Pearl Series Switches

Frameless Touch Switch

Forget the tick-tack of the traditional switches. Now it’s time to give your home a majestic look of touch switches, as it provides the interior of any room with an artistic and elegant look. So, upgrade your walls smart switches and turn your home into a smart home.

Capacitive Touch

Based on Capacitive touch technology, a smooth tap on it would lead to turning on/off of the appliance associated with it. Equipped with backlight LED, constant color output on.

Water Resistance

The smart switches in The Pearl Series are smartly designed to provide a waterproof and splashproof surface. Thus, these switches can also easily be used in bathrooms, kitchens & other wet areas.


Gone are the days of being at risk of electric shocks from the switchboard. OOB Pearl Switches are designed such that you can use without any such worry and even safely use them with wet-hands.

Dual Light Indication

Pearl Series Glass Panel Touch Switches would indicate on/off condition.

Pearl Series features

Capacitve Touch

Smooth tap on it would lead to turning on/off of the appliance associated with it.

IR Remote

With OOB Pearl Series you can now control your appliance with inbuilt IR Technology

Humfree Fan

Four steps hum free fan speed control.

Surge Protection

Upto 10kv surge protection.

2 Way Switch

Input Channels for Mechanical 2-way / wired sensor connection.

High Voltage Protection

Wide Operating voltage range 90-230 Vac. Over Voltage cut-off above 230 Vac. With-standing voltage upto 300 Vac.

Energy Efficient

High precision energy consumption.

Modular in Size

Coral Series come in 1 node to 8 node configurations

Pearl Series

Technical specification

90V to 230V
50Hz – 60Hz
IR remote
Module size
As per standard
ABS or Acrylic or Toughen Glass
Sound indication
Load capacity
Resistive Load : 350 watt
Inductive Load : 150 watt
OOB Algorithm
Operation Temperature
-40 C to 110 C
Relative humidity
5 to 95 %
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