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Smart Sprinkler and Irrigation System Controllers

Maintaining your yard should be easy! OOB Sprinkler Controller automates the process and allows you to spend more time enjoying your yard and less time maintaining it. Sprinkler Controller works as kit attached to your existing sprinkler system motor and makes it smart. Discover our advanced smart sprinkler and irrigation system controllers today for your plant and landscaping needs!

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App Controlled

Easy setup

The installation and setup of the sprinkler controller device are simple and quick. Our integrated devices are so tiny to complete the setup smoothly in no time. The integration of the automation device has to be done near the sprinklers’ motor system to let it work effectively and efficiently over a long time.

Schedule Routine Task

If you forget to water your garden daily? No problem with the OOB Sprinkler controller you can set up a schedule for sprinklers so the controller will automatically start sprinkler water and at a given specific time for a specific duration.

Work with Sensors

OOB Sprinkler controller help's you to maintain soil moisture. You can set up your desired moisture level and set up a sprinkler controller to work with a heat sensor that will monitor the temperature of soil and trigger event accordingly to your desired soil moisture level that will benefit your plants.

Soil Temprature above 60°CActivate Sprinkler

Application Controlled

Once the sprinkler controller is integrated and activated in the application. The user can access the sprinklers along with other automation devices at home. The OOB is providing an application for your smartphone(Android/iOS) that could be accessed from anywhere around the world with internet access.

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