Digital lock controller

Digitally smart Locks

Digital Lock Controller

Smart locks are a must-have security feature for your home or apartment. With the use of robust and highly secure encryption protocols, OOB Digital Lock Controller with Digital Lock replace traditional keys with more secure alternatives like biometrics, smartphone authentication and PIN codes while providing additional layers of security and conveniences like intruder alerts and unauthorized access notifications and granting entry remotely.

Sutaible for

Home Door
Home Door
Office Door
Office Door

WiFi Enable

Fingerprint Lock

Bluetooth Unlocking

Voice Vontrol

Stay Secure

An digital door lock that opens only when you approve the person to enter the house makes it more secure. The application also keeps track record data of the door opening and closing making the process more precise and accurate to ensure safety first.

One Time Password

With OOB Digital Door Lock controller you are able to set One time password for your guest and friend visiting your home.


You can setup auto close funcation in OOB smart app that will help in case you forget to lock your door, door lock controller will automatically command door to close within 5 seconds in case they aren't closed properly.

Home security in a single app

The user can activate the digital door lock manually from the OOB single application. Android/iOS mobile application that could be managed and controlled by the owner. The app also has access control and child-lock functionality. So that the owner can set the access grant to the trusted people only.

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