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Smart Wireless Switches

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2-way Smart switches

The OOB SmartHome offers Wireless switches to fulfill your desire for two-way switches with no civil work.

Wireless switches that could be placed anywhere with you to access the lights and appliances at any time. When you do not want to get up to the switch to turn on/off the lights, use the OOB Wireless Switches. Such switches do not require any installation or civil work and provide additional capability.

WiFi Enable

Pocket Friendly

Voice Control

App Control

Placed anywhere

Take and place the wireless switch anywhere you want in your place to operate your electronics appliance at any time. Our wireless switches are so tiny they easily blend with surroundings.

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One Switch Two Action

Say, you’ve programmed your fan on OOB Wireless Switch. Your first click would turn on the fan, the second one would turn it fan. This facility is available, not only for your place’s television but all the electrical appliances at the place that are currently operated using ordinary switches.

Available in 4 Options

With OOB Smart Wireless Switches make optimum choices for your needs. One appliances operable, Two appliances operable, Three appliances operable well as four appliances operable are three choices available to you while buying OOB Smart Switches.

Easy Setup

Our wireless smart switches are easy to setup. You can do it with the help of OOB Smart home app by connecting it with our coral searies smart retrofit switch or sapphire series smart touch switch pannels or other automation integrated controllers.

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