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Curtains Controller

For the latest and elegant interior designs, motorized curtains are the ideal choice for most people nowadays. OOB Curtain Controller is a device that can be integrated with any motorized curtains at your house. It works perfectly for controlling any type of functional curtains. The Curtain Controllers are managed via the OOB Smarthome app or Voice Command. One can set the timer for the operation of curtains according to their waking and sleeping time. You can get effortless working of your curtains in just one touch.

Curtains Controller

Digital Lock Controller

Digital Lock Controller is designed to work with digital door locks so, You can access the systematic Gate from anywhere and anytime using your Android or iOS Phone. One can open or close Gates from anywhere for the trusted person to come inside the residence or company. Furthermore, every data of the login and logout of the Gate is recorded and stored in the application.

Digital Lock Controller

Other Smart Products

OOB has been in the Automation industry for more than 10 years and has been an in-house manufacturer with all Made In India products. It has been providing the Automation products at affordable prices and along with a warranty. OOB Smart Home Automation offers many more smart products that are useful. They also give a classy look to your home. Other such products such as RGB LED controller, Sprinkler Controller, Gate Controller, and the list goes on.

Other Smart Products

Simple smart home recipes

Sunrise Sunrises
Blinds Open
the blinds
Clock After
30 minutes
Gate Close
the gate
Weather Downfall
Window Close the windows
and gates

All devices in one app

The smart Android/iOS mobile application by OOB is a one-stop solution for controlling all the automation devices. The application can be accessed by the owner(admin) of the house and can also set some access control for other members of the house. The application also offers a child-lock facility. With just one touch, set and adjust the entire house to your preferences.

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"Close the main gate."

"Open the blinds in kids room."

"Turn on the Goodnight scene."

"Close all the blinds."

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Smart devices for home automation

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