Gate Controller

Gate Controller

OOB Gate Controller lets you control your motorized main gate. The controller is connected in parallel to the existing wired remote controller of the gate which typically has three buttons for open, close and stop functions. However, with an OOB Gate controller integrated into your existing gates, the user can be benefited with maximum freedom. With a single application, you may operate gates from anywhere-anytime.

Garage gates
Garage gates

WiFI Enable

Remote Control

Voice Vontrol

Comfort and Convenience

As you return home in your car, you need not get out to open your gates to park the car. Have them open for you with a click of IR Remote Button and enjoy the best of smart home convenience.

Stay Safe

An automated gate that opens only when you approve the person to enter your premise makes it more secure. The application also keeps track record data of the gate opening and closing making the process more precise and accurate to ensure safety first. With OOB app you can monitor your gate status and get notification regarding Unwanted access from anywhere anytime.

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Easy setup

The OOB Smart Home gate controller device setup is so easy and quick that anyone can do it. You can ask a professional installer from OOB Smarthome to perform the setup of the controller device near the existing Motorised Gate.

Voice Controlled

When someone comes home but your hands are busy with something else, just ask Alexa to open the gates and continue with the task at hand.

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